Hello Kitty Daily Diary Planner 2009

Manage your busy life with the cutest cat around. Hello Kitty Daily is the perfect tool for managing today’s busy lifestyle. Transform the DS into a customizable PDA with Hello Kitty as the host. Hello Kitty DS Daily Diary
Join the endearing character in tracking your daily activities, updating your friend directory, writing in the diary and much more. This is a new way to use the DS brings PDA functions to a new audience in a familiar and approachable way.

This Hello Kitty DS Daily helps to keep track your daily finances with its calculator. Hence, you can easily control your monthly or yearly budget.

Hello Kitty DS Daily Diary
With Hello Kitty DS Daily Friend directory, you may not loose any of your friends address or phone number, so you won't waste so much time to have them for your tea party. And also a Hello Kitty DS Daily Notepad for an easy and quick way to take notes.

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