Hello Kitty USB Driver

Featuring latest product from Dream Kitty;

Hello Kitty USB Driver 1G
Hello Kitty USB Driver 1G
$149.99 (Gift Wrap Available)

Product Description :
  • USBs come in handy when you need to carry your documents around. After finishing an essay on a computer, the easiest way to transfer it into hardcopy is to carry it around with this Hello Kitty USB.
  • This USB is in pink with a pink transparent cover to protect the USB. It features Hello Kitty with her new pet Poodle.
  • This is definitely an item you have to have in order to make your life easier and better.
  • Comes with feature such like anti-shock, anti-vibration, anti-static and waterproof.
  • This one has a capacity of 1GB.

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