Hello Kitty Sanrio Laptop Notebook Computer Skin Cover

Hello Kitty Sanrio Laptop Notebook Computer Skin Cover

1. Easy to apply and remove.
2. Reusable if you are careful with them.
3. Made of high-quality vinyl with an amazing removable adhesive from Japan.
4. Installs in second and leaves absolutely no mess.

Our standard-size laptop skin (13.5” x 10.5”) is large enough to fit just about any 12", 13" 14", and 15" laptop — just trim to fit with a razor or utility blade.

All of our skins have a trimming chart in the back for easy trimming.

Also, depending on your laptop ; you may have anywhere from a 1/8" to 3/4"border around your skin.

This skin is intended for the top area, outside of a laptop.

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