Swarovski iPhone Faceplates - LittleDevilish Hello Kitty

Swarovski iPhone Faceplates - LittleDevilish Hello Kitty

Up for sale is this "Little Devilish" - Hello Kitty design on an protective case that fits perfectly on a iPhone. Hello Kitty has another side to her that doesn't often come out but when it does - she comes out in full costume that doesn't personify sweetness. She has her black wing, her pitch fork and "undies" all up in a roar. Perhaps she's acting out everything you feel sometimes. If everything I wrote fits you to a "T", this is the character for you. Hello Kitty deserves to be imortalized in Swarovski crystals. I know there are tons of Hello Kitty die hearts and I know one of you out there will just "have to have" this character. This could be yours with a painless swipe of your credit card. Isn't she just the cutest? This would make anyone laugh knowing your completely understood, to recieve - or maybe you want to spoil your self for just making it through a tough day. Either way, I know you gotta have her.

Apple employees informed me that you CAN NOT put swarovski crystals ON your iPhone because that will null in void the warranty on your iPhone, so we did a little research and found a way around it. Yes, Apple offers a plastic iPhone cover that doesn't interfere with the antena or reception of your iPhone. Just snap this little cover over your phone and everyone is happy on both sides.

There is one "Little Devilish" - Hello Kitty , which is about 2" inches from cheek to cheek, and is 2 3/4" inches from top of head to her chin. Hello Kitty is outlined in Jet Black. Her wings, bow in her right side of head, eyes and pitch fork are also jet black. Her "horns" are Light Siam as is her dress. Her little undies are light rose and have a teenie tiny black heart on them. Her nose is citrine.

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