Hello Kitty Light-Up Corded Telephone

Hello Kitty Light-Up Corded Telephone
Hello Kitty Light-Up Corded Telephone

Corded phone lights up and features Hello Kitty Hello Kitty dressed like a fairy Caller ID ready AD adapter included

Customer Comments;

I love it !!!!, October 23, 2006
By Donna L. Smith - I absolutly love the hello kitty telephone and computer mouse, you guys were very quick to send them and there soooo cute. Im 48 years old, but I guess Im a kid at heart. Would love to deal with you again. Donna Smith

hello kitty phone, July 8, 2006
By Adele Thompson "Tinkie" (Brick, NJ) - This is a vey cute phone. and to some of the reviews on here. I would really want this phone in my room. I'm 27 but, when I was in kindergarden, hello Kitty was the crave. So, since I didn't have anything Hello Kity, i start getting stuff now. expecally stuff that makes sence, like a phone, and lip gloss. I have 5 cats. so they look cute just like the cat of Hello kitty, they are not all white cats, but, I think the color of Hello kitty is an illusion, and in you mind she can be any color. I'm cleaning my room,. and my phone i had in my room broke, so, i would defantly want this phone. It's stunning.

a cute phone for everyone, June 10, 2006
By Sally Kovach - Durability: Fun: Educational: This phone is simply adorable. I got it for my 16th birthday, and I love it! It seems really durable (it's pretty heavy.) and the shade of pink is just right. The number buttons are made of rubber though, not plastic, but I don't mind. :D Anyways, this is a darling phone to have and will make your life (and wherever you keep the phone) just a little brighter! It makes me happy just looking at it.

really cool toy, March 6, 2006
A Kid's Review
Durability: Fun: Educational: Today is my birthday and my dad got me this phone. I test-called him and the sound is perfect. It DOES have Caller ID. When the phone rings, the wand and wings light up. It is the best birthday present I ever got. you can also set up memory for friends and family. I recommend this for children over 8 yrs.

My Daughter Loves it and she is 10 , February 22, 2006
By WendyA "wendyann1" (West Virginia) - Durability: Fun: Educational: I bought the heart shaped disney princess phone for my daughter for Christmas and what a piece of junk that was. So I bought her this Hello Kitty phone to replace the other that has never worked. This Hello Kitty phone is very durable and just really cute. If your going to buy to a nice cute product for a young girl that wants a phone, I recommend this. Awesome!!

Can a Phone Get Any Cuter?, February 6, 2006
By Emily (NJ) - Durability: Fun: Educational: My husband bought me this phone a couple of years ago because I am a HUGE Hello Kitty fan, and it hasn't disappointed me yet! Its wings light-up when it rings, and it has Caller ID! It was a great help when the power went out one night and my other phone - a cordless NON Hello Kitty phone - went dead. I keep it in my bedroom along with my Hello Kitty alarm clock, and Hello Kitty TV. It is super cute and wonderful!

What could be cuter?, November 5, 2004
By Kelli Fisher "Honeykat" (Latrobe, PA) - Durability: Fun: Educational: What could be cuter than this phone? It's Hello Kitty dressed as a fairy! Everytime the phone rings, the wings and heart-shaped wand light up, so it's very easy to find the phone in the middle of the night. It also has Caller ID, speed dial, etc., so that makes it a practical purchase. If you don't care about being practical, buy this phone simply because it will be the cutest one you will EVER find!

Adorable!, June 29, 2004
By ElaynaB "elayna30" (Indianapolis, IN United States) - Durability: Fun: Educational: I bought this phone for myself because I love Hello Kitty. I figure, I'll hand it down to my daughters ( when they are old enough. This phone has caller Id and the wings light up when it rings. It is very well made.

Hello Kitty Light-Up Corded Telephone

By A Customer
Durability: Fun: Educational: I HAVE THIS HELLO KITTY TELEPHONE ,I BOUGHT IT AT TARGET FOR MY 10 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER ,SHE LOVES IT!IT,S SO CUTE.THE WINGS LIGHT UP!She has dropped it several times also and it is durable!

Just how cute is this?!?, September 15, 2003
By ironflower "ironflower" (New Port Richey, FL United States) - Durability: Fun: Educational: I (the mom) needed a new phone in my room. We just happened to find this phone in a Sanrio store. I had to beg and plead with my 4 yr. old daughter to let me keep it in my room, but to no avail. I guess she thinks only "little" girls can like Hello Kitty!! So, its in her pretty pink Hello Kitty room and how cute is it when the phone rings? The little angel wings light up along with the little heart wand!! I had to call her a million times...with the lights off in the room! Its got caller ID and the sound is pretty good. All in all..its adorable. A definite must if you're a fan of all things cute!!

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